North Korea’s Military Weapon, World’s Best Firearm AK-47

[imText1]On a coverage of the world’s best small firearms of the century, U.S. cable channel Discovery claimed the Soviet Union’s Kalashnikov AK-74 assault rifle as the best of 10 guns in the world.

This claim was a result of analysis’ by U.S. and U.K. experts comprising of a subcommittee who investigated all different types of guns used by people beginning from the Russian-Japanese war unto the Iraq, Kuwait attack in 1990 which incited the first gulf war.

The analysts based the criteria of firearms on accuracy, reliance, combat effectiveness, design and ease of manufacture. It also included the extent of which the AK-47 had transformed the world estimating that hundred millions firearms had been manufactured.

At present, the North Korean military and People’s Safety Agency is using the 5.45mm assault rifle, whereas the defense forces are using the 7.62mm assault rifle.

[imText2]The reserve forces, the Worker’s and Peasant’s Red Guardand the Red Young Guard including 15 year old elementary and middle school students are equipped with AK small rifles. In general all of North Korea’s military rifles are the AK small rifle.

The structure of the AK-47 is very simple and as parts can be made easily, manufacture costs are low and above all, the rifle is not permitted to obey other motives. Even through the rain or if it is wet with water, the rifle has the potential to fire accurately at all times.

For these reasons, this Kalashnikov gun made by the Soviet Union was broadcasted on the Britain’s BBC and gained interest ‘Though this gun was made to protect its own country from the invasion of German rule, this gun is being falsely used against private citizens as a tool of terrorism.’

Author Larry Kahaner who has researched the AK-47 said on the Washington Post on the 26th that Iraq had produced weapons of mass destruction in which the U.S. had been hunting for. However, added that this was not the nuclear program created by former president Saddam Hussein but WMD which snatched the lives of young U.S. soldiers and created rivalry amongst the Iraqi factions while sacrificing the people. This is precisely, the Soviet Union’s tarnished AK-47 he said.

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