North Korea Upper Class Proud of Nukes

[imText1]Pride and confidence spread among armed forces, government officials and the rich in North Korea since the nuclear test.

A 41-year old North Korean businessman, K, had a telephone interview with the Daily NK from Dandong, China, on Tuesday. During the interview, K described confidence in the regime. He said “Whether Americans do it (sanctions) or not, we Koreans don’t care. We now have nuclear weapons and we are pretty sure that we will win. Soldiers think so.”

When asked if ordinary people believe North Korea possessing nuclear weapons, K boasted “Everybody in (North) Korea knows that except for infants. We are not afraid of Yankees.”

K is a typical member of the North Korean wealthy class. North Korea’s upper class’s confidence after the nuclear test contradicts worldwide expectation of escalation of domestic disorder due to international sanctions.

K said that armed forces and ordinary people are convinced to defeat the U.S. Such attitude is opposite from the actual popular reaction of ignorance to the nuclear test.

While most of the population struggles to live, a small portion of North Koreans have earned fortune from trade with China or Japan. This newly created wealthy class is now a key supporter of Kim Jong Il and his regime.

Also, another interpretation might be that since the Chinese government does not restrict trade with North Korea despite the UN Security Council’s resolution, participants of the Sino-N. Korean trade are not damaged yet.

On people’s lives after the nuke test, K optimistically said “Everything is going well.” “Cost of rice is stable and there are plenty of goods at the market.”

And “Whether the international society punishes Korea, we would not worry if we keep normal trade relationship with China,” K assured.

K’s confident remarks prove that Kim Jong Il’s nuclear strategy works well, at least among the army, government and upper class in North Korea.

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