The Kaesong Industrial Complex, which has been shuttered since February 2016. (Yonhap)

North Korea has begun preparing large-scale construction plans to transform the Kaesong Industrial Complex into a modern industrial park as part of its regional development policy, Daily NK has learned.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Daily NK source in North Korea said Monday that the non-permanent central committee for promoting the 20×10 regional development policy issued a June administrative order to the committee’s Kaesong branch, instructing it to begin preparing a four-year plan to transform the Kaesong Industrial Complex into a large-scale industrial park through “modern construction.”

The Kaesong Committee reportedly plans to draw up designs and construction plans for the Kaesong Industrial Complex – divided by zone, factory and industrial process – and allocate the work among the agencies involved in the construction by this fall.

Earlier, the non-permanent committee handed over a plan to Kaesong and related authorities, calling for creative construction to turn the Kaesong Industrial Complex into a comprehensive industrial park that will boost the national and local economy.

“Last month, Kaesong was informed of the construction plan to creatively realize the construction of a large-scale industrial park,” the source said.

“Kaesong has fleshed out the plan by issuing administrative orders for June to each agency through the city’s regional development promotion committee.”

The local branch of the regional development promotion committee reportedly aims to maximize the efficiency of planning and construction by systematically dividing the current Kaesong Industrial Complex into zones for each agency. The city is also drawing up support plans to ensure that the large-scale construction work goes smoothly.

“The Kaesong branch of the regional development committee is promoting the idea that cooperation between each national and local agency will be the key to success in realizing the party’s plan to transform the industrial complex into a modern industrial park,” the source said.

With North Korea’s 20×10 regional development policy in full swing across the country, it appears that the authorities will quickly implement their plan to transform the Kaesong Industrial Complex into a modern, large-scale industrial park in line with the 20×10 initiative.

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