[Photo] North Korea marks one-year anniversary of alleged nuclear weapons program completion

North Korean lecture materials marking the anniversary of the purported completion of its nuclear weapons program. Image: Daily NK

Nationwide lectures have been held throughout North Korea to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the purported completion of its nuclear weapons program, according to documents obtained by Daily NK and sources inside the country.

Daily NK previously reported that as North Korea celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding on September 9, the authorities ordered the delivery of lectures placing emphasis on the country’s “successful attainment of nuclear weapons” and [North Korea] as a “nuclear superpower.”

“The authorities released nationwide propaganda on November 29 to mark one year since the ‘completion of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program,’ calling it a major historical achievement and great victory for the Party’s Byungjin Line (parallel development of the economy and nuclear weapons),” a source in Pyongyang told Daily NK.

An additional source in Pyongyang added, “They’ve told us that thanks to Chairman Kim, the threats of nuclear and imperialist aggression against our nation have ended.”

The lectures intend to reinforce national unity and highlight Kim Jong Un’s role in an unprecedented achievement in the country’s history and espouse his leadership skills.

Lecture materials from November obtained by Daily NK corroborate this information, reiterating the focus in “completing the country’s nuclear weapons program.”

“[The completion of the national nuclear weapons program] is the result of our excellent leader’s brilliant, and warm embrace. [Thanks to our leader Kim Jong Un] the relentless invasion maneuvers and sanctions scheme against the Republic (North Korea) have gone up in smoke,” the document claims.

In November, North Korean officials charged with disseminating propaganda informed residents of the significance of nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapons.

On December 16, North Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that if the US escalates its human rights campaign and increases sanctions it could “block the path to denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula forever”. The latest lectures turn the emphasis toward maintaining the country’s nuclear program.

The lecture materials also highlighted the other track of the Byungjin Line: building the economy. “Our Dear Respected Marshal’s (Kim Jong Un) immortal achievement of the nuclear weapons program will stay with us forever. Now let’s actively contribute to accelerating economic development to achieve the ultimate victory of the socialist cause!”

Mun Dong Hui is one of Daily NK's full-time reporters and covers North Korean technology and human rights issues, including the country's political prison camp system. Mun has a M.A. in Sociology from Hanyang University and a B.A. in Mathematics from Jeonbuk National University. He can be reached at dhmun@uni-media.net