North Korea 1st in GDP Weighted Medal Table!

An interesting new type of medal table at the Beijing Olympics shows that North Korea holds top ranking, if Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is taken into account.

The VOA broadcast on the 20th that Britain’s Daily Telegraph and Channel 4 television have picked up the analysis of website “,” which suggests that when we look at the GDP weighted medal table North Korea is in the lead.

This tally is based on this formula: one complete point for a gold medal, 0.66 for a silver medal and 0.33 for a bronze medal. Total scores are tallied, and then divided by 2007 GDP.

North Korea has taken two gold medals, a silver medal and three bronze medals, worth 3.65 medal points according to the above formula, which means that when you divide it by the 2.22 billion dollar 2007 North Korean GDP each medal turns out to be worth no less than 608 million dollars! Therefore North Korea is in the first place among 75 countries that have won Olympic medals. South Korea and the U.S. are ranked 36th and the 62nd respectively.

Furthermore, North Korea was ranked top again on the GDP Per Capita Ranking. North Korea’s is only 93 dollars, last place among the 75 countries with medals, but the country nevertheless gained 3.65 points, putting it back in the 1st once again. In this tally the U.S. and South Korea ranked 12th and the 19th.

Another novelty tally consider population, putting the 27 million people of Jamaica in first place and the 24 million North Koreans in 42nd, with South Korea 24th and the U.S. in 39th.