North Fires Back at “Ri Sol Ju 9” Scandal

North Korea has hit back at South Korean media reports detailing an alleged scandal involving Ri Sol Ju, the wife of Kim Jong Eun. Over the weekend, the North Korean state media branded the reports an insult to the “highest dignity” of North Korea, meaning leader Kim Jong Eun, and stated that those responsible “will pay a high price.”

In a commentary published by Chosun Central News Agency (KCNA) on September 22nd, North Korea declared, “[The South] dares to openly and constantly insult our highest dignity through its pro-government media. This is both an intolerably outrageous provocation and an unpardonable criminal act.”

Previously, a number of major South Korean media outlets had printed claims, citing the Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun, that nine people had been executed to conceal the fact that Ri Sol Ju once led an undesirably “provocative lifestyle.”

On this, KCNA continued, “This grave provocation by the enemy clique is the last cry of those who are afraid of our military and people, who are entering a new era of power and prosperity under the leadership of an unrivalled and great man.” The South Korean media reports were thus referred to as the “words of a crazy dog” and “ludicrous statements of mental patients.”

“The reason North-South relations have again entered a grave situation is related to the fact that the puppet party has its errand boys in the conservative media continuously spreading all sorts of vile, filthy schemes and fabricated sophistries,” it went on. “As we already stated, our ten million strong soldier and citizen military will both never forgive and ruthlessly punish anyone who insults our highest dignity.”