NLL Intrusion Numbers Falling

New statistics have shown a significant reduction in the number of detected North Korean intrusions across the Northern Limit Line (NLL) this year.

According to the data, ‘Intrusions across the Northern Limit Line in the Past Six Years’, submitted by Song Young Sun to the National Assembly Defense Committee, there have only been 16 intrusions this year to November, representing only 1/6 of the 95 intrusions which occurred last year.

This is also the lowest number of intrusions over the last six years; fewer than 2006 (21), 2007 (28), 2009 (50) and 2010 (95).

Commenting on the data, Song told the committee, “It seems that the military authorities have strengthened their military patrols and the government is improving inter-Korean relations, and so the North seems to be controlling tensions in that area.”