NK “Missionaries are ‘Spies’, Lets Deter Infiltration of Them”

[imText1]”Let’s crush the crafty conspiration of the enemies who are spreading religion in North Korea”

The North Korean government is meditating on how to stop religion from affecting its regime system, meanwhile every year ‘Religious Freedom Report’ of U.S. Department of State is pointing North Korea as a nation violating religious freedom.

According to North Korea’s ‘Lecture Materials’ revealed by ‘Good Friends’ on the 16th, an organization for supporting North Korea, North Korea stated, “Lets crush the crafty conspiration of the enemies who are spreading religion in North Korea”. It shows that North Korea is sensitive to a religion introduced by South Korean missionaries into the NK-China border areas. The ‘Lecture Materials’ is a document for people’s education published by Rodongdang Publication in last June.

The ‘Lecture Material’ criticized that South Korea is maneuvering defectors, tourists and traders with all kinds of religious books, tapes, and videotapes to go into North Korea by buying off them.

The ‘Lecture Materials’ introduced a case that a woman tourist with a bible and a notepad in which the way to prey was written was caught in a customs on her way back to North Korea in Musan district of North Hamkyung province. Plus, it showed a conspiracy case that a missionary contacted with a North Korean, calling missionaries spies.

Also, North Korea is pointing out that U.S Department of State has announced an ‘annual report on religious freedom’ and at the same time North Korea is asserting that, “The U.S is stiring up international press, pressure, isolation and containment against our Republic through religious propaganda” and “The U.S is defaming and conspiring our religious matter”.

Now North Korea propagates to the world that North Korea is guaranteeing religious freedom. However, as soon as the U.S pointed out the North Korea’s religious persecution matter last year, North Korea at once refuted his claim, asserting that ‘the U.S is the worst religious persecution country in the world’, and adding, “The U.S killed over 3,000 innocent Muslims in Afghanistan War, and defamed Muslims in foreign prisons”.

Moreover, North Korea retored, “South Korea’s religious associations and Billy Graham of the U.S visited us and negotiated and cooperated with our religious associations in various ways. Is this seen to be persecuting religious freedom and restraining religious activities?”

In its annual report submitted to The U.S Congress, U.S. Department of State considered Saudi Arabia, China, Eritrea, Iran, Sudan, Myanmar, Vietnam, including North Korea as religious persecution countries.

Meanwhile, last March, ‘Open Doors’, a world Christian mission association, announced ‘2006 World Watch List’ on the degree of Christians suppression, and held that North Korea has been the worst country of 50 Christian religious persecution countries in the World.

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