New Badge of Kim Jong Il Released

[imText1]North Korea has begun the production of a new version of its ubiquitous badges, this one featuring the image of Kim Jong Il featured on the painting used to lead Kim’s funeral cortege in December.

The news was revealed today by Chosun Shinbo, the publication of Chongryon, the Association of North Korean Residents in Japan. In an article entitled, ‘Pyongyang Residents with their Memorial Insignia’, it stated, “In Pyongyang on Gwangmyungsung Day, you could see people sporting the badge featuring the image of General Kim Jong Il’s portrait.”

“The General’s insignia was presented on Gwangmyungsung Day, and people wore it together with that of the Premier,” the article went on, noting that a group of employees at ‘Hana Music Information Center’ had worn the new badges as they went about their business on the 15th.