Lee Team Had Homemade Explosive Plans

The National Intelligence Service found four ways of producing homemade explosive devices on the computer of Kim Hong Yeol, the Unified Progressive Party chair in Gyeonggi Province. The data was found during raids last month.

According to the South Korean security services, the instructions for making homemade explosives were found on Kim’s private computer in a folder labeled “Health Facts”. The methods were saved separately in sub-folders labeled nitroglycerin, nitrocellulose, calcium nitrate and dry ice, and contained data on all the relevant ingredients needed in the production process.

According to the NIS transcript of an event held in western Seoul on May 12th, Unified Progressive Party lawmaker Lee Seok Ki told attendees, “A manual for creating a so-called ‘pressure cooker’ bomb like the one used in the Boston terror is publically available. So if you are interested, you could find it… The manual is already online, and there are guys already tracking it down.”

The investigation also claims that Lee Sang Ho, an advisor to the Gyeonggi Progressive Alliance, searched terms like “KOGAS” and “KEPCO,” both of which are names of state power utilities in South Korea, more that ten times on his phone. Lee reportedly claimed at the same secret meeting in May, “At important times such as during war, there is the problem of us needing to cut off services like communications, railways, gas, and oil.”