Leaders express hope that more South Koreans will visit Mt. Paektu

Moon Jae In, Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Suk, and Ri Sol Ju on Mount Paektu on September 20. Image: Pyongyang Press Corps Pool

During his visit to Mt. Paektu with South Korean President Moon Jae In on the final day of the recent summit, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressed hope that more South Koreans will visit Mt Paektu.

Flying on an air force jet from Pyongyang’s Sunan Airport, Moon landed at Samjiyon Airport and met with Kim before heading up to Mt Paektu. Kim had already arrived in the area by train.

Both men stated their hope that more tourists can visit the mountain.

“After the two Koreas were divided, [those living in the South] can only gaze up toward the mountain in sadness,” said Kim. “Today [September 20] it was only the two of us, but in the future more Southerners and overseas Koreans need to see Mt. Paektu.”

“We have taken the first step now, and I believe when those steps multiply, more people will come [here], and an era where ordinary South Koreans can visit Mt. Paektu will arrive.”

Kim has reportedly shown a great deal of interest in developing the Mt. Paektu area, conducting an on-the-spot visit to the construction site in Samjiyon when US Secretary of State Pompeo visited Pyongyang in July. North Korean state media released pictures of Kim giving orders to officials in front of a banner reading “Plans for the Reconstruction of the Mt. Paektu Area.”  

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