Kims All Set to Rise the Ranks

Kim Jong Il’s elevation to ‘Grand Marshal’ has made the room needed for Kim Jong Eun to rise to ‘Marshal’, according to experts. Such a promotion would be justified by the fact that, as a General, Kim commands a number of officers higher in rank than he, including key supporter Vice Marshal Lee Young Ho.

Also, the elevation of Kim Jong Eun would follow the pattern established in the succession of Kim Jong Il, who became Supreme Commander in December 1991 via a meeting of the entire Central Committee of the Party and was then made Marshal in the following April.

Based on this analysis, experts suggest that Kim Il Sung’s birthday (Day of the Sun) would be a time symbolically right for the promotion of Kim Jong Eun, since he rose to the rank of Supreme Commander on December 30th, 2011

Analyzing the situation, an anonymous former North Korean military officer told Daily NK this afternoon, “The North Korean military follows position with rank, and as such will soon confer the ‘Marshal’ rank appropriate to a supreme commander on Kim Jong Eun. On the 15th the promotion of high-level generals was completed; if they haven’t handed down the ‘Marshal’ rank by the 16th then it will be conferred on the Day of the Sun.”

Choi Yong Hwan of the Gyeonggi Research Institute agreed, saying, “Kim Jong Eun will soon receive the title ‘Marshal’ to match his Supreme Commander’s position. In April there is both the Day of the Sun and People’s Army Foundation Day, so it is quite likely that he will be given the rank then.”

If so, Kim Yeon Su of National Defense University commented, then it will not be long before Kim goes on to receive the National Defense Commission chairmanship and then becomes Workers’ Party General Secretary as well.

“Kim Jong Eun is following without amendment the succession to power and idolization pattern of Kim Jong Il, so it is likely that the time when he is given the title ‘Marshal’ will be the Day of the Sun,” Kim explained, going on, “Immediately after getting the title ‘Marshal’ there will be the session of the Supreme People’s Assembly in late April, so there is the possibility that he will be made National Defense Commission chairman too,” he added, estimating that this could lead to personnel realignments and for Kim to become General Secretary at a Party Congress in October.”

“In this situation where Kim Jong Il has died, Kim Jong Eun needs to take the reins of power rapidly and because of this they will hold a Party Congress in the coming October and elevate him to Party General Secretary,” Kim also noted.