Kim Thrashes 70 U.S. Soldiers!

The North Korean authorities have used the ubiquitous 3rd Broadcast to further proclaim the military accomplishments of Kim Jong Eun.

According to an inside North Korean source who spoke with Daily NK on the 20th, just one day after the news of Kim Jong Il’s death was released the authorities employed the hard-to-intercept cable broadcaster to proclaim, “Winning against 70 American soldiers single-handed was comrade General Kim Jong Eun’s greatest victory.”

“Positioning themselves with an eye on our waters, the South Chosun puppets with 70 of their American strategists behind entered the seas near Yeonpyeong Island to threaten our territorial waters, but our revolutionary military power led by comrade Kim Jong Eun crushed them in an instant,” it went on, asserting, “If they ever invade us again, comrade General Kim Jong Eun will pay them back many hundreds of times over.”

Ever since the attack on Yeonpyeong Island on November 23rd, 2010, North Korea, via the 3rd Broadcast and citizen and military lectures, has portrayed the attack as ‘General Kim Jong Eun teaching South Chosun a lesson’. However, alleging U.S. involvement is far less common.

Elsewhere, official efforts to idolize Kim Jong Eun’s birth mother, Ko Young Hee, who died in 2004, appear to have been ramped up.

A song sung widely in military units until approximately 2007 but to which a stop was then put, ‘Mother of Pyongyang’ has reportedly come back into favor as part of efforts to ‘solve’ the problem of Kim Jong Eun’s unfavorable parenting.

The song talks of Ko’s deep love for the Chosun People’s Army and how the soldiers have great respect for her.