Kim Jong Il’s Sly Victory says Hwang Jang Yop

[imText1]Hwang Jang Yop, President of the North Korean Democratization Alliance stated that the results of the recent Feb 13 Agreement had ended in Kim Jong Il’s victory.

On “Hwang Jang Yop’s Lectures” broadcasted on FreeNK, President Hwang alleged on the 12th, “Kim Jong Il cunningly won the recent six party talks” and said “Kim Jong Il made no losses at the six party talks. Did he not only gain 50,000tons of instant fuel?”

He said “50,000 tons of fuel in North Korea is a mammoth amount. When fuel was completely expended and coal exhausted, the fishes in the central authority’s tank froze…Now, if they can delude us just a little bit more, they will be able to receive 100,000tons.”

However, “They have yet to accurately announce the HEU program” and asserted, “This (development of plutonium) has been going on for 10 years. Whatever was left over would have already been used to make more nuclear weapons.”

Further, in regards to Kim Jong Il’s visit to the Chinese Embassy in Pyongyang, he added “Lunar New Year celebrations at the Chinese Embassy is not a festivity grand enough for Kim Jong Il to attend in person. Rather, this demonstrated that China and Kim Jong Il were congratulating each other on their success and that the two countries are collaborating with one another.”

“The fact that Kim Jong Il said that ‘a nuclear war will arise if the Hannara Party took government,’ just goes to show that he is threatening South Korea with nuclear weapons,” said President Hwang and added “After scaring the world with war, he is now making us beg for peace.”

He said “Would he (Kim Jong Il) betray China and use nuclear weapons on them? There is no other motive but to threaten the people in Korea” and explained, “Hence, North Korea is pretending to act as if it made a tremendous compromise while trying to adhere to the U.S.”

Using the case of the Vietnam Peace Pact in 1973, President Hwang criticized “Was not Kissinger who led this campaign also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at the time? Today, DJ is no different.”