Kim Jong Il’s Eldest Son, Jong Nam Stays in Moscow

[imText1]A Japanese foreign affairs source released on the 13th that Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of Kim Jong Il is in Moscow.

The source said that “Since the 1st of November, he has been in Paris and Austria and is currently staying in Moscow. The purpose of his trip to Europe was reportedly to see a dentist.”

Kim Jong Nam stayed in Paris for a week from the 1st of this month, moved to Australia on the 7th, stayed there for 4 days and on the 10th went to Moscow, according to the source. He will remain there until the 15th.

Last July, Jong Nam was spotted during a trip to Austria by a Japanese Broadcasting Agency. If the rumors are correct, there is a possibility that Jong Nam is managing Kim Jong Il’s slush fund. Austria has been considered a cache for Kim Jong Il’s money, along with Switzerland and Macau.

The South Korean National Intelligence Service said that it cannot confirm his itinerary in Moscow. An affiliate of the Intelligence Office said that “Jong Nam’s residence is still in Macau, and the rumor that he has returned to his position in Pyongyang does not seem to be true.”

Kim Jong Nam who has been living abroad was seen in Beijing on the 11th of February, 2007, just a few days before his father’s birthday (Feb. 16). There was a presumption that he could not return to his country and was being forced to stay abroad, having lost favor with Kim Jong Il over his attempt to enter Japan with a fake passport in 2001.

Fuji TV aired an appearance of Jong Nam in his fancy suit walking out of a ritzy hotel on Champs Elysees to his limousine on the 13th.

He smiled and spoke in French to reporters stating, “I came here to see a dentist and don’t have anything special to say. Sorry.” When asked about his ability in the French language, he replied, “You know well I studied in Europe.”