Kim Jong Il: “I Will Never Betray China”

“I will never betray China and will not break my faith in China.” Those are the words Kim Jong Il reportedly spoke to Wang Jiarui, head of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee during their meeting on the 30th

According to Xinhua News Agency, “The friendship between Chosun (North Korea) and China is the most precious property that both parties (the Chinese Communist Party and the Chosun Workers Party) and the senior leaders of our two countries left for us.”

Jeon Byung Gon, a researcher at the Korea Institute for National Unification, told the DailyNK that “He [Kim Jong Il] has been talking this way because the two countries traditionally have friendly relations. However, at this point, with the Six-Party Talks at a standstill, Kim Jong Il wants to show his intention that North Korea will solve this problem through close cooperation with China.”

“As South Korea’s new administration is taking office, North Korea is noting the atmosphere because the ‘reciprocity’ policy will be emphasized rather than the ‘appeasement’ policy. China is also concerned about the new administration’s interests in strengthening the U.S.-South Korea alliance. China would want to emphasize friendly relations with North Korea.”

Regarding the Six-Party Talks, as Wang expressed discontent over the delays in the denuclearization process, Kim Jong Il replied: “The latest difficulties are just temporary and the process can be restored.

“The countries of the Six-Party Talks should implement their commitments according to the action-for-action principle and overcome any difficulties through dialogue. North Korea intends to cooperate with China to fully implement its commitments,” continued Kim Jong Il.

At the meeting, Kim Jong Il emphasized relations with China, noting that “economic development and life improvement are the most important duties for North Korea. North Korea will strengthen exchanges with China and hopes that the two countries can learn from each other’s models.”

Some experts suggest that, according to Kim’s speech, North Korea intends to reform and open its markets as China did. However, other experts point out that when Kim Jong Il inspected Chinese economic facilities in 2004, people believed that North Korea was about to reform and open, but such measures were never accomplished.