Kim Jong Il Bans ‘Employment of Workers for Private Firm’

[imText1]Kim Jong Il ordered to ‘penalized ones who employ workers for private business accordingly, as it is illegal activity’ on 15 March.

「Today’s North Korea News」published in April by ‘Good Friends’ which sends aids to North Korea said, “If it was one person economy where individuals made goods and sold them for profit, division of labor is very active recently”. It also said, “Producers are categorized within themselves, and the order is targeting the individual employers and employees”.

Such order by Kim Jong Il seems to aim to prevent the skilled workers from working for private business who pay them more instead of working at the delegated factories. It is known that the party organizations are preparing for solution accordingly.

The publication said corns were provided as food from November 2005 to March 2006 in Chongjin City. Workers at Chongjin iron mill, coal-fired plants and ports receive their portion and their children’s but the portion for the wives are not provided because they are not considered to be in the workforce.

“Corns Provided At The Detention Center for Kotjebi”

Doctors and teachers receive 10~15 days worth of food every month, and detention center for Kotjebi(street children) and the homeless provides some corn. However, the amount distributed is so small that there are people who escape from the detention center and wander on the streets.

North Korean government is changing all the bulbs in the houses to power-saving bulbs in order to save electricity. In Mangyongdae, Pyongcheon and Moranbong districts in Pyongyang, 51 thousands of 14w and 18w compact bulbs are being sold at a low price.

People are educated about how not to waste electricity by observing the cross-use system where electricity for the people and for industry is separated.

On the other hand, in Hoiryeong, on 27 and 31 March and 3 April, soldiers were recruited three times.

300 people were recruited after close inspection of the person and paper works which picked out ones who have escaped from the military and ones who are physically weak. In order to go to the military, 3~5 people needs to confirm him including parents and teachers.

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