JCS Raises South Korean Alert Status

The ROK’s military authorities have raised the readiness level of all units over concerns that a North Korean nuclear test may be imminent.

“The Joint Chiefs-of-Staff (JCS) has raised the alert of all units to a higher level,” a source with the South Korean government revealed on the 31st, explaining that units in charge of intelligence and military operational matters are working at an even higher alert status.

A second South Korean source added, “We are using all our surveillance assets, including those of U.S. Forces Korea. The U.S. is closely monitoring the nuclear test site in Kilju County, North Hamkyung Province, while we are watching for signs of other military provocations.”

The South Korean JCS believes that there is sufficient cause to fear that a further missile launch may occur shortly before or after a nuclear test, so has mobilized a number of different surveillance systems to keep close watch on launch sites and production facilities.