Jang Sung Taek’s Daughter Killed Herself…Birth Kills People

[imText1]Jang Keum Song, the only daughter of Jang Sung Taek (the First Vice Director in Organization & the Capital Development Department of the Korean Workers Party’s), killed herself by overdosing sleeping pills in Paris, France last month. She is a nephew of Kim Jong Il and the only daughter of Jang Sung Taek and Kim Kyung Hee (younger sister of Kim Jong Il). The news about her death was reported in September 15 on the DailyNK, which produced a bitter opinion saying the mean birth cannot marry.

The cause of her death was revealed the opposition of her parents to her marriage because of her boyfriend of mean birth. Especially, it was a shock that a member of a North Korean royal family killed herself because of Birth.

Why in North Korea the mean birth cannot marry?

In a word, the life of the North Korean people depends on their birth. The fact that regardless of the assets and successes, The class determines everything including marriage shows how much the North Korean the Class ystem is ineradicable. South Korea also has a custom to know if the other family is a good family or not when being married, yet ‘birth’ is not the most decisive factor for marriage.

However, North Korea greatly cares about birth because it is under the class dictatorship system. Recently, free love has increased yet the leader class still cares about birth. Even general leader class cares about birth. So we can easily imagine how greatly the Central Party leaders care about birth. Particularly, it is not imaginable that a direct descendant of Kim Jong Il is married with a man of mean birth.

“If marrying a man of mean birth, your life is messed up”

Parents of the Party officials families oppose marriage with people of mean birth. They are not worthy of entering into matrimonial relation. Children of mean birth are abandoned into alienation class.

How much smart and promising they are, their mean birth determines their lover and their jobs. So many people have lost their jobs only because of their birth.

The birth problem case was a daughter of Head Secretary of the Party of Taechun Power Station Complex (Gigupso) in North Pyongyang province.

In 1986 when Taechun Power Station was open, a head Secretary (leader of the Central Party) was powerful enough to have a “216 Benz”.

His daughter who had attended at Kim Il Sung University fell in love with a man. His parents were general workers in a rural area. He was so smart that he could get an admission from Kim Il Sung University.

Later, the Head Secretary scolded his daughter, saying “You can never be married with him”. The desperate daughter ate agrichemicals to kill herself. Fortunately, she did not die, yet became insane. To the end she had wondered here and there and died.

“Cleaning the mean birth”, forcible divorce

From the 70’s when North Korea completed its “Only Kim Il Sung Ideology System”, it had forcibly divorced couples who married after 8.15 Liberation and 6.25 War by blaming for their birth. The lowest class is capitalist family, anti-party family and Christian family.

The objects of the divorce were usually women, yet men also were victims. Men who during the Japanese colonization period studied with money of women from rich family were the objectives of forcible family. The women of rich capitalist families were expelled to rural areas. Although only one of a couple is of mean birth, the couple is limited to be appointed as a leader. If they would not accept the divorce, they had to go and work at mines or countries.

The right case is the vice-president of Science and Technology department of Kim Il Sung University. During the Japanese colonization period, he was an elite. He was a friend with Prime Minister Lee Jong Ok of Administration Council. He studied in Japan and the cost was from his wife’s family.

However, the fact that his wife’s parents were of capitalist was revealed in the process of identification rearrangement carried by Social Safety Agency. Finally he got a notice from the government, which said “Choose one of the two, one is divorce and the other is your wife”. Especially Kim Il Sung University is in the direct line of the Central Party so that ‘not-pure’ families cannot work in it.

The vice-president chose his wife and went to a rural area, saying he could not forget the gratitude of his wife. He had lived poor with his wife there.

Most South Korean people do not know about the facts. In regards to birth, some people negatively respond saying we are drowned into ‘anti-North Korea ideology’. I am concerned that people do not know about the reality of North Korea and interpret as their pleasure.