It Is Time to Break Up the Dictatorship

[imText1]Another video footage featuring public execution scene of a female worker, Yoo Bun Hee , which took place in last July, is released.

The face of victim is not shown clearly. Instead, with sounds of gunshots hitting her head, spread of blown up brain of Yoo is clearly visible. The ghastly image leaves indelible trauma on the viewers’ mind.

Yoo Bun Hee, a female worker of a textile factory, visited her friend, Eom Gang Jin’s house, in a hot summer day. Eom’s daughter, Young Shim opened the door for Yoo, and said that her father was not home yet.

As Yoo was leaving Eom’s house, a white bag came in sight. It was a 20lbs corn bag on the corner of kitchen. Yoo, in an instant, lost her mind. She ran into Young-shim’s room, and then to the kitchen. Holding a 20lbs corn back under her arm, Yoo scurried back home, leaving the girl dead in the room.

Two lives, that of Yoo and a young daughter of her neighbor, are lost because of one bag of corn. Since the mid 1990s, the international society’s humanitarian aids have been poured into North Korea. Still, however, 20lbs of corn makes a person insane and causes loss of lives in North Korea. Why?

The security officer, who sentenced Yoo to death, condemned her as a ‘bloodthirsty murderer and enemy of people.’ She was not thirsty for blood, but was just hungry for some food. She is not an enemy of people, but Kim Jong Il, who forces ordinary people into such desperate starvation, is.

Unless the Kim regime collapses, North Korean people’s agony and death will continue. So will tears and lamentation of the outsiders. Then the only probable solution is apparent; it is time to devote our best effort to oust Kim’s dictatorship and build a democratic and peaceful society in North Korea.