Imprecating Exorcism to be Continued Until Feb 16

[imText1]Rumors are panic-striking. As The DailyNK has already reported before, a public execution took place in Huiryung, North Hamkyung province. Being aware of the foreign eyes watching, no public execution took place at least not around the border areas for the last few years, but now the gunshots started again. Furthermore tens of families were expelled from their homes. It is said that they were only allowed to take small-sized personal belongings and taken away by a truck in the middle of the night. The rumor says they must have been taken to either a remote mountain area or a political concentration camp.

The news, that about fifty families were expelled from Moosan reached The DailyNK few minutes ago. Apparently, the city of Chungjin in North Hankyung province is now full of the people subjected to be investigated by the National Secruity Agency. It is said that following Chungjin, the anti-socialism group (the government group that takes away people with anti-sociliast ideas) will soon go into Onsung, Sebyul, and Eunduk. The North Korean government is entering a breakdown process around the border area.

They say this concentrated inspection will continue until February 16, which is Kim Jong Il’s birthday. They are doing a mass “cleaning” until the Kim Jong Il’s birthday in order to show him “clean Chosun.” What is so great about his birthday that they run this kind of annual state business? I will never be able to understand it.

Especially this year, the level of breakdown is far more intense. North Korean defectors and activists in China say, “it has a strong character of an emotionally driven revenge.” As we well know, a significant number (70%-80%) of the North Korean defectors are from North Hamkyung province, especially the cities of Moosan, Huiryung, Onsung, Sebyul, and Eunduk.

This is because first of all, the people of this region do not need travel permit (since they are already on the border). Second of all, they can easily cross over the Tuman River that is relatively much shallower and narrower than Yalu River. Finally, third of all, people in this border area are much more aware of the outside world, especially by secretly watching Chinese TV. A great number of people went over to China, that it was once said, “every other house is empty” (in the region) and many of them made into South Korea.

Therefore, it is said that in this region, the situation of the households got much better in the recent years. The number of families have more access to South Korean movies and songs coming in from China, which are easily obtainable in the markets.

There has been a frequent rumor of which many have become rich by the money they received from their family members in South Korea. A family can make a pretty good living with $100 a month from South Korea. The rumor went as far as that “it is better to live proudly in North Korea than living in China or South Korea.” However, those families living proudly are now hit by the “late hail.”

Countless number of phone calls are made from China and South Korea every minute by the people trying to verify state of being of their family members in the border area of North Korea. They are anxious about their families who are no longer reachable by the cell phone calls. How could we describe their shrinking hearts who are not even able to openly look for their families?

Those who fed the people in the border area whom Kim Jong Il could not feed, were the “escapees” Kim hates so much. How could Kim Jong Il treat them so, when he deserves to bow down on his knees for saving his people?

The channels of news interprets the current happening as “warnings to the North Korean defectors in China.” It is a message that they should not head to South Korea. That if they do, then they will pay dearly of their decision. It is assumed that it is a revenge to the last year’s 460 North Korean defectors’ group entrance to South Korea.

In any case, it looks like the imprecating exorcism will continue until February 16. After the requiem of the killed, prisoned, expelled and the screams sweep the whole nation, the magnificent birthday feast of “Dear Leader” will be held. There will soon also take place a marathon of “letter of loyalty.”

So what? Those willing to leave will cross the river on the border anyway and the (anti-regime) poster in Huiryung will run the marathon from Chungjin, to Kilju, Myungchun, passing Hwade, Hamheung, Wonsan, Sinuiju, Kilju, making a turn in Kangkye, and finally make it to Pyongyang and Gaesung. The wondering souls will press for Kim Jong Il’s death. The one who meets his every birthday with blood and sound of gunshots will meet his end in the same say.

The People never forget, the day of exorcism – February 16!

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