Further Committee Discussion on Kaesong

The Kaesong Industrial Complex (KIC) North-South Joint Committee is holding a second meeting today to discuss a time frame for the resumption of business operations.

Other items up for discussion include internationalization of the complex and systemic improvements required for more stable management.

It is expected that both sides will agree to a partial reactivation of the complex prior to the Chuseok holiday.

While both sides have expressed their preference for a timely re-start of operations, for the moment a working schedule will be decided on and remaining issues will be addressed at a later date.

Both North and South Korea are sending five person delegations. Representing the South Korean side is Kim Ki Woong of the Ministry of Unification’s Inter-Korean Cooperation District Support Directorate. North Korea has dispatched Park Chol Soo, Deputy Chief of the North Korean Central Bureau in charge of developing special districts.

It is also likely that a South Korean team of facility inspectors and administrative personnel will be permitted to enter the complex today.