Fujimoto Kenji Takes to the Skies

Kim Jong Il’s former chef Fujimoto Kenji is reportedly off to North Korea once again, having been spotted boarding a plane to Beijing earlier today.

Fujimoto did not speak to reporters at Narita Airport in Tokyo, but nodded when asked whether he was off to see his wife and daughter in North Korea.

A Japanese government source also confirmed, “Fujimoto is expected to travel to North Korea.”

Fujimoto was apparently travelling with more than ten cardboard boxes upon which was written “Pyongyang” in marker pen. According to an airport employee, the bags contained computers, DVDs and cooking utensils, but no food.

Fujimoto only returned from Pyongyang on July 10th, after being invited to visit by Kim Jong Eun. He attended a banquet with Kim, Jang Sung Taek, wife Ri Sol Joo, and sister Kim Yeo Jung during the trip.