Fifth Cabinet Vice Premier Appointed

Head of the Jagang Provincial People’s Committee Kim Tok Hun
has been promoted to vice premier of North Korea’s cabinet, Chosun Central News
Agency announced on the 30th.

Kim is thought to have held a managerial position at the Taean Heavy Machine Works Industrial Complex before
emerging as a delegate of the Supreme People’s Assembly in September,

Since Kim Jong Il’s death in late 2011, Kim has been referred to a number of times in North Korean media as the head of
the Jagang Provincial People’s Committee.

This appointment brings the total number of cabinet vice premiers to five.  The others are Ro Tu
Chol, Ri Mu Yong, Kim Yong Jin and Ri Chol Man.

As the executive branch of the state, the cabinet is largely
responsible for implementing economic policy. It is also in charge of overseeing the local People’s Committees. 

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