Exhibition on Thai North Korean Abductees Held

[imText1]A photo exhibition of the abduction of Thai citizens by North Korea was held by the Association for the Rescue of North Korean Abductees (ARNKA) from the 13th to the 17th at Suan Dok Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

On the first day of the exhibition about a hundred citizens visited. Many students from the politics department of the Chiang Mai University who have taken lectures on the abduction issue participated in the exhibition.

Photos showing the course of the abductions by North Korea, their purposes, and the abductees’ families’ activities are displayed.

A letter that the brother of a Thai abductee, Anocha Panjoy, wrote to commemorate his sister’s birthday, July 12, moved audiences to tears.

The president of ARNKA Tomoharu Ebihara explained that “Awareness of the abduction issue is not widespread in Thailand, and the Thai government doesn’t make a progress in negations on this issue with North Korea. I opened this photo exhibition commemorating Anocha Panjoy’s birthday in order to raise interest in the abduction issue in Thailand.”

What follows is an excerpt from the letter written by the brother of Anocha Panjoy, a Thai abductee by North Korea;

“Since you left home, we have all been waiting for you. In the three months after our father who had only waited for you for twenty seven years passed away, we saw your name, ‘Anocha,’ on TV, named as a Thai abductee dragged into North Korea. I rushed into the broadcasting company right after the news and cried out, ‘That woman is my sister!’ If only I could receive a letter from you and know how you are in North Korea. How longer am I to suffer from this pain that I have been bearing for the last thirty years….?”