Emergency Lectures Emphasize Threat of War

North Korea has convened nationwide emergency lectures to follow-up on yesterday’s military readiness posture change. Lecturers reportedly told assembled citizens that President-elect Park Geun Hye is preparing to go to war with North Korea so they must be ready to defend the nation in response.

A source from Hyesan in Yangkang Province told Daily NK today, “Lectures were convened shortly after the declaration of ‘preparation for combat mobilization.’ He said that the alliance of imperialists including the UN are sanctioning us to try and crush socialism in the only such country left in the world.”

The source added, “He stated that the new Park Geun Hye administration wants to start a war with us, so people from every organ, enterprise and Worker and Peasant Red Guard unit must prepare to meet the threat. He emphasized that the people must be on guard at all times and stay prepared to respond to any provocation.”

According to the source, the Ministry of People’s Safety is overseeing an increase in public order restrictions, including checking family homes for non-residents. Soldiers are completely prohibited from going off their bases.

Yesterday’s declaration of a state of emergency came after Kim Jong Eun announced that the country would take “great national action” in response to the adoption of a new UN Security Council resolution on the 22nd.