Documentary Propaganda par Excellence

Chosun Central TV showed a new documentary film, ‘Successor to the Mt. Baekdu Military-first Revolution’ on Kim Jong Eun’s birthday, January 8th, to emphasize the new leader’s greatness and, importantly, his ‘readiness to be the successor’.

The documentary contained scenes of Kim Jong Eun with Kim Jong Il on April 5th, 2009 visiting what it called ‘Satellite Command and Control’ to observe the launch of the long-range rocket that North Korea claims carried satellite ‘Gwangmyungsung 2’ into orbit.

It also relayed footage of Kim giving his agreement to official documents in January, 2010, noting that “I agree. This is very good” and signing a report, something intended to show that he has long been involved with official political activities.

Elsewhere, it also included scenes of Kim Jong Eun riding in a tank at Ryu Kyung Su No. 105 Tank Division, in a fighter jet and military vehicle, on a warship and testing domestically-produced machine guns.

In addition, to propagate an image of love for his people, Kim Jong Eun checked the new rides at the recently refurbished Kaeson Youth Park in Pyongyang.

Chosun Shinbo, the pro-North Korea publication of the General Association of North Korean Residents in Japan, evaluated the documentary film very highly on the 9th, proclaiming that “Enemy governments and media mislead the public with their slander that he is ‘inexperienced’ or that it is an ‘urgent succession process’, but this documentary film dismissed all that as baseless nonsense.”