Disablement of Nukes, Unification of Liberal Democracy, 6.6 National March Begins

[imText1] In the Memorial Day on June 6th, veterans and Christian groups met in front of Seoul City Hall and opened a march, “Disablement of North Korea’s Nukes Unification of Liberal Democracy 6.6 National March.”

About 20,000 people of various conservative organizations participated in the event which urged for ▲ liberal democracy and the protection of a market economy ▲ the complete disablement of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ▲ abolishment of North Korea’s military first politics and the development of North Korea human rights.

Park Se Jik, Chairman of the Veteran’s Affairs Association and director of the event said, “Liberal democracy has been threatened and the Republic of Korea has become a hostage to North Korea’s nuclear weapons” and appealed, “We will continue this fight until the day North Korea completely eradicates its nuclear weapons.”

On this day, presidential candidates from the Grand National Party, former Seoul City mayor Lee Myung Park and former representative Park Geum Hae attended the nationally march.

Participants of the event waved the national flag as well as the U.S. flag in City Hall Square hoping for a stronger Korea-U.S. alliance.

Prayers were made for the safety of the nation and for the families of the deceased, followed by the national march which urged for the disablement of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and fortification of liberal democracy.

Participants of the event included Professor Jeong Yong Kuk of Danguk University, representative Choi Sung Yong of the Family Assembly abducted to North Korea and Louis T. Dechert (76. a colonel in the reserve) who criticized North Korea’s nukes and human rights issues.


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