Daily NK Hacked as Digital Attacks Continue

Daily NK was temporarily paralyzed this afternoon following an invasive attack by an external hacker. The attack, which is believed to have been routed through the United States, made it impossible for normal website operation to continue between 1:40PM and 2:30PM.

The result of the attack was the loss of all articles published on the morning of the 26th, none of which have yet been recovered. As of 4PM, access to the website was possible, but opening of headline news was not.

According to Daily NK’s server security manager, hacking attempts are continuing to arrive, adding a layer of complexity to efforts to recover lost data and augment protection on the site.

The English and Chinese Daily NK pages were also paralyzed by the hackers, but had been recovered as of 4PM. The websites of organizations including NKnet, NK Intellectuals Solidarity and Free North Korea Radio were all simultaneously attacked in a similar pattern.

According to Daily NK’s server management, “We have blocked all IP addresses implicated in the hacking. However, given ample possibility for it to continue by a different route, we are continuing to closely monitor and manage the situation.”

The management company continued, “The attack was aimed at databases and was designed to blow away the entire system. Based on this, we can say that their target was clearly pre-ordained and the aim was to completely incapacitate it.”

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