Company Men Head into Kaesong Complex

Staff members from companies in the Kaesong Industrial Complex (KIC) have made their first forays into the inter-Korean manufacturing zone, a week after the two Koreas reached an agreement to reopen it.

The Ministry of Unification revealed that 253 people and 134 vehicles from KIC management, related agencies and vested companies would enter the KIC at approximately 9AM today. The almost-200 company staff members are from 42 hi-tech and machinery firms that operate in the zone.

“Different from my last month’s visit, this is to check the facilities there to prepare for the resumption,” one staff member commented to reporters, adding, “I feel much better now.”

Following today’s visits, staff members from textile firms are due to visit the zone tomorrow, and repairs to manufacturing equipment is expected to begin on the 26th, next Monday. Firms expect the process to take two to four weeks.

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