Comeback of the Kim Il Sung Era

The North Korean authorities instructed the people to gather at work and schools in formal wear and submit a report after watching the Kim Il Sung centennial military parade live. The people gathered at designated places cheered in enthusiastic applause just like the crowd and military gathered at Kim Il Sung square.

Inside sources told the Daily NK on the 16th, “Unlike the previous times when we got two days off from work during birthday celebrations, we went to work on the Day of the Sun (15th) and watched TV in a crowd”, “There were orders from the Central Party to write reports after watching the military parade on TV”.

The people who did not go to work went to schools, social groups or people’s unit gatherings instead.

The source revealed, “Because of orders to celebrate the event simultaneously in all regions, people in various districts wore formal clothes and sat in front of the TV in a respectful atmosphere”. In North Korea, ‘formal clothes’ are considered to be people’s unit uniforms, suits or the hanbok (Korean traditional clothes).

According to the source, the people gathered arose and clapped along with the mass broadcasted on TV at Kim Il Sung square. Soon after Kim Jong Eun’s speech ended, all shouted and applauded.

Following the view of the two hour celebration the people watched a round-table talk attended by party, administrative, central cadres, scientists, artists and all social standing personnel.

Sources said, “The people were instructed to write reports while watching the TV but some were just filling in space taking notes from the round-table talks”. Most of the people were surprised how similar Kim Jong Eun is to, “Kim Il Sung, his appearance, behavior and tone of voice”. Some anticipated, “Is the Kim Il Sung era coming back?”.

In contrast were ridiculed comments such as, “It is like seeing a well-woven concert”, “It was a great piece of political theater that had excellent acting and directing”. The people seem to have noticed the North Korean authorities’ intentions to idolize Kim Jong Eun like his grandfather Kim Il Sung.

Meanwhile, the people who did not enjoy a break on the day of the holiday were given two days of vacation on the 16th and 17th.