Collecting Funds to Build Eternal Tower

North Korean construction costs incurred through the creation of statues of Kim Jong Il and the eternal tower is a burden to the people, multiple internal sources say.

Daily NK sources from the Hamgyong Province reported on the 27th, “Here now, in this phase, prior to the construction of towers and cooperative farms, propaganda has established the necessity to devote money toward the construction projects.” “Farm workers are selling emergency food in order to devote funds,” he said.

On the 12th, authorities of the Central Committee of the Politburo released ‘special coverage’ of the construction of statues of Kim Jong Il and the eternal tower.

It was expected that the construction of idols would create a nationwide construction boom while displaying a dimension of allegiance to Kim Jong Eun. At the same time, concerns that the government would pass the buck to North Korean residents became realized.

These sources said “We are required to carry materials such as gravel and other necessary materials through a transport company in Saebyol County, yet because of the price of oil, each household must pay 5,000 won each.” “Residents are reported to raise money through the sale of reserve corn”, he said.

“The state knows the reality of this situation. It knows not to make decisions like this. It is the blood and sweat of the people.” “If you have been instructed to sell food, there is not much to eat” he said. Complaints such as this have begun to emerge.

Construction costs for the structures were also incurred by the students. Sources say that “The Children of Allegiance Action Plan” demands that each student be responsible for 600g of copper.

In Saebyol County, a case originated of copper wire theft by a group of junior high school students. Authorities have conducted inspections and investigations are now underway.

Yanggang Province sources say “Here if you cannot submit the copper, families must gather 3,000 won.” On the 21st, the ‘Dear General’ forced those attending a pep rally to donate on the spot.

According to two sources, television propaganda efforts continue to push for donations and copper for the construction of the statues.

However, one source said “The government is taking the money from us first hand.” “It is crazy for others to believe they are paying voluntarily.” He said he did not believe the propaganda.