China Aids North Korea

Tokyo Shinbun reported today that, immediately after Kim Jong Il’s death, China decided to support North Korea with major food and crude oil.

The Shinmun, citing multiple sources from China and North Korea, revealed “It is known to be 50 thousand tons of food and 25 thousand tons of crude oil”.

According to the Shinmun China’s decision, to send food and crude oil to North Korea, was made on December 20th – the day after the official announcement of Kim Jong Il’s death.

Sources analyzed, “The reason behind China’s decision, to send this food and crude oil support to North Korea, was made to help stabilize the new Kim Jong Eun system.”

It is predicted that China’s food aid will continue until Kim Il’s Sung birthday celebrations in April. Information gathered suggests that portions of crude oil have already been supplied through a pipeline.

The Shinmun claimed that China’s authorities decided on this support after considering North Korea’s fragile situation, while the new Kim Jong Eun system is still in the process of stable succession, and the necessity to create an atmosphere of loyalty among the North Korean people by improving food supplies by Kim Il Sung’s birthday.