Cheonan Sinking Rumor Proudly Circulating in North Korea

Changchun, China — A North Korean Party cadre has announced that his country was responsible for the sinking of an unnamed South Korean vessel presumed to be the Cheonan, a source from Onsung in North Hamkyung Province reported to The Daily NK on Monday.

According to the source, in a regular Saturday lecture for Party members linked to an enterprise in Onsung, the secretary of the Party cell announced, “Since our heroic Chosun People’s Army took revenge on the enemy, all South Chosun has been in fear of our defensive military ability.”

The source explained, “The lecture was held to inspire Party members to take pride in and respect our military power on commemorating the founding day of the Chosun People’s Army, April 25th.” He added, “The secretary did not directly mention the South Korean ship sinking incident, but participants in the lecture were able to confirm that a rumor which had been circulating among the people really happened.”

Other sources have also reported the spreading of a rumor about the sinking of a South Korean ship in recent days. Those who had heard the rumor said that it was rumored to have been sunk by the North Korean navy.

A source from Shinuiju said, “Around 70 percent of residents know about that. Some talk about what we should do if a war happens, and others say that it would be better if a war were to break out.”

He added, “Even if cadres were to hear what people are talking about in whispers, they would not regulate them.”

The “Saturday lecture” is a weekly political meeting led by the secretary of a Party cell. In the lecture, decrees handed down by the Central Committee of the Party for the week are disseminated and members’ obligations for the carrying out of decrees are discussed.