Cadre-focused meeting announced after Kim Jong Un’s return

Korean Leader Kim Jong Un returns home after the US-NK summit / Image: Rodong Sinmun

Reports have emerged that an emergency meeting was convened for Party officials immediately after Kim Jong Un’s return to North Korea from the US-NK summit. At the meeting, Kim‘s ‘immense victory against the US’ was the primary point of emphasis, without any reference to denuclearization.

“As soon as he (Kim Jong Un) returned, an emergency meeting was organized for all executives above the elementary Party secretary-level. They focused on propagating news that the Eternal Supreme Leader walked a long and treacherous road to achieve a huge victory against the almighty United States, and that everything was going according to his plans,” a source in North Hamgyong Province told Daily NK during a telephone call on June 15.

“Not a word was said about denuclearization during the meeting. The Supreme Leader was praised for risking his own life heading into enemy territory and for making grueling efforts to bring our economy and people’s living conditions up to world standards.”

“They discussed plans on how to create an atmosphere of fierce loyalty to the Supreme Leader across the country. Officials are having a series of meetings without any time for rest, and I don’t know how long this will go on,” he added.

A Ryanggang-based source commented further on public sentiment in North Korea, saying, “After the summit, residents said that there will be no more wars or war games on the Korean Peninsula because the Dear Supreme Leader had a fruitful meeting with the United States. Residents have faith in the possibility of reunification in the near future.”

“Everyone seems satisfied and is saying that the summit with the US was an incredible meeting, and they are anticipating that it will lead to positive outcomes,” she said.

Meanwhile, officials of the Workers’ Party and security agencies were placed on emergency duty during the US-NK talks.

“Officials above the Party secretary-level were present at Party committees throughout the entire summit period and held meetings late into the night to discuss ways to increase loyalty to and make greater efforts for the Supreme Leader,” a separate source in North Hamgyong Province said.

“Because of the Party’s internal directive, the Party agencies, Ministry of State Security, and Police Stations carried out their duties with solemn attitudes and worked harder than ever. The Party committee officers even spent time at units that were at the lowest levels of their jurisdiction and worked with farmers to provide rural support.”