Anti-Kim VCDs Left in Hoiryeong Alley

Hundreds of VCDs containing criticisms of Kim Jong Il and the third generation succession have been left in an alley in Hoiryeong, North Hamkyung Province, according to a source inside the country.

Around two hundred of the discs were left in the alley. They did not appear to be for selling in the jangmadang, but did seem to have been left there intentionally, according to the source.

As a result, an inspection unit has been dispatched from Pyongyang to investigate.

“Earlier this month, two hundreds of VCDs were scattered in an alleyway near a market (on the location of the former Hoiryeong Middle School), so I took one and watched it at home,” the source explained, going on, “A North Korean movie that criticized America came on for around 20 minutes at the beginning, but in the middle some computer subtitles about Kim Jong Il’s luxurious life and Kim Jong Eun’s lack of ability appeared.”

The source added, “At first I was shocked and scared, but was too curious to be able to turn it off.”

The stories the VCD contained were apparently state secrets about Kim Jong Il’s birth, such as that he was born in Russia and that his year of birth was changed to reflect Kim Il Sung’s, his history of womanizing, his luxurious lifestyle during the March of Tribulation, and others about Kim Jong Eun’s birth and upbringing of which the people are officially unaware.

“In one part it introduced South Korea’s developed society, but after that the North Korean movie came on again,” the source said, adding that a woman living in the Yeokjeon-dong neighborhood of Hoiryeong apparently reported the existence of the discs to the National Security Agency in the city on or around January 10th.

The source explained that therefore, “An inspections unit from Pyongyang has been investigating, even carrying out fingerprint tests, so students older than elementary school age and all other residents have had their fingerprints taken.” The investigating unit apparently consists of agents from the National Security Agency and Defense Security Command of the People’s Army.

Even border guard units are being investigated, the source added, before concluding with a complaint about the case, saying, “As a result of this, many people may get hurt,” and adding, “For a while, residents will be tired out by the investigation.”