Anti-Kim Leaflets Found in Hoiryeong

Quoting a source from Chongjin, Free North Korea Radio (FNKR) reported yesterday that a large quantity of fliers criticizing the Kim Jong Il regime were distributed around Hoiryeong in North Hamkyung Province on or before June 25th.

The security forces were apparently ordered to collect the fliers and investigate where they came from.

“According to an official within the NSA, Hoiryeong NSA reported flier distribution in a certain region of the city, and said that members of the city NSA had been mobilized to block passage through the region and collect all the fliers,” the source reportedly explained.

The source reprotedly added, “At 5AM on the 25th, Hoiryeong National Security Agency (NSA) mobilized its members to collect the fliers covertly.”

He also said, “Hoiryeong NSA had finished collecting and incinerating the fliers by 11AM the same day. They were ordered to find the source of the fliers but keep it classified so that people would remain ignorant of the incident.”

The correspondent added, “Therefore, the NSA has mobilized its agents in the region to investigate and find out whether there are people giving out the fliers or reading and copying the contents from them.”