All Prisoners in North Korea, Tortured

[imText1]It is reported that every people experienced torture when it polled 100 people who have been imprisoned in prisons by National Security Agency or People’s Safety Agency.

Kim Tae Jin, the representative of Democracy Network against North Korean Gulag announced the research on the actual condition on torture among 120 defectors who have experienced North Korean prison facilities with its press conference on 21th.

“Women defectors are undergoing the same tortures what comfort women had experienced under Japanese colonial government,” Kim Tae Jin said in this interview. “We are going to publish the result of this research after about 4 months and distribute among international organizations such as UN,” Kim revealed.

He added that “We are planning to send inspectors to North Korea collaborating with human rights groups and international organizations on the base of this research.” “This sort of research should be made by international society.” He urged the National Human Rights Commission to investigate on torture in North Korea.

[imText2]A nine year-old boy, Ahn Sung Hoon appeared with his father. He had experienced repatriation from China to North Korea with his mother when he was only 2 years old. This two year old boy who was under detention in National Security Agency charged with escape. In a prison, Ahn was separated with his mother and put in a cell for male prisoners. He was constantly abused ‘for being fretful and looking for his mother’ and suffered from malnutrition and microbial colitis. Ahn is still going through aftereffects like insecurities and developmental disability.

[imText3]Kim Sung Hee, escaped to China in 2000 but soon was arrested again. She was forcibly repatriated and investigated in a border garrison in Yangkang for 6 months. Agents who examined Kim put pepper water in her nose in order to confiscate the money that she kept in her body. She said that she was abused by male soldiers who put their fingers in her vagina and anus and lashed her with a rubber hose which is two to three meters in length.

[imText4]Lee Bok Nam was arrested when he tried to escape from North Korea to China with his father who was a prisoner in 1990. He was tortured until his teeth were all broken out. Soldiers struck him on the head with butt plates of their rifles, leaving scars still visible today.

[imText5]▲ Jung Gwang Il was in detention for 3 years in the No. 15 Camp in Yoduk, South Hamkyung. Yoduk is notorious for abusing one person by a group of people and being put a prisoner in a solitary cell that only offered 50g meal each time. Jung testified that the prisoners were put in public executions when they tried to escape from Yoduk .