Abductees Families from 4 Countries Held a Big International Conference in Tokyo

[imText1]Abductees Families to NK from Taiwan and Lebanon as well as Korea and Japan held an international conference in Tokyo and strengthen their relationship to solve the abduction problem.

December 13, “Abductees Families Association” and “Japanese Abductees Rescue Association” of Japan is planning to hold a big international conference on “situation and solution for international abduction of N. Korea” with abductees families in Tokyo.

“Abductees Families Association” abducted by N. Korea criticized that, “N. Korean abduction is a kind of terror Kim Jong Il committed all over the world” and showed their firm wills “the Damaged countries including Japan should not allow N. Korea to commit abduction terrors and get back abductees”.

International conference will urge N. Korea to solve the abduction problem, after hearing ▲what witnesses of the abductions said, seeing ▲ rescue movements of the abductee families and analyzing ▲ the solutions of the abduction problem.

In the conference will not only “Family Assembly abducted by N. Korea”, “Korean War Abductees’ Family Union” but also actress Choi Eun Hee who escaped from N. Korea in 8 years, Assemblyperson Song Young Sun of Grand National Party, representative Kim Seung Min of Free NK Broadcasting and former president Cho Kab Je of Monthly Chosun participate.

For US abductees, Human rights special envoy Jay Lefkowitz, Special Advisor Vitit Muntarbhorn of UN human rights of N. Korea, representative Suzanne Scholte of Defense Forum, Charles Robert Jenkins who was U.S soldier in Korea and married Hitomi Soga, Japanese abductees and defector Ahn Myung Jin will participate.

On the other hand, the Japanese government declared from 10th to 16th of June as “NK Human Rights Week” on the base of “North Korean Human Rights Act” passed in June.

International conference would include, documentary movie time related to N. Korea, witnesses of defectors and debate time for solutions of human rights and defector problems of N. Korea. In addition, picture gallery and big rally will be held.

On the 10th, movie “Chulima” related to N. Korea and documentary “Seoul Train” will be shown, Han Mi’s family who jumped into Japanese consulate in Shenyang, Japan and Choi Young Hun who confined into a prison for his help to defectors in China will witness. In addition, debate time will be included in the conference.

On the 12th, Secretary General Jennifer Windsor of Freedom House and Ambassador Fumiko in charge of Human rights, Special Envoy Jay Lefkowitz and Special Advisor Muntarbhorn will hold a special conference related to NK human rights problem.

The assistant of Japanese Prime Minister, Nakayama Kyoko, Deputy Executive Director of Freedom House, Thomas O. Melia, assemblypersons of Japan and US and Japan NGOs will hold a forum based on “What to prepare for the huge North Korean refugees”.

For a week from the 12th, a picture gallery will be held, which will show abductees and missing people, and on the last a big rally will be held urging rescue of abductees.

In the conference will “NK Refugee Mission Fund of Japan”, Association for Guarding Life and Human Rights of Abductees’, RENK (Rescue the North Korean People! Urgent Action Network), “Abductee family Association”, “a committee of inquiry into particular missing people problem”, “Abductee rescue lawyers association” and US freedom house, North Korea freedom association and other will participate into the conference.