A Prisoner Stoned to Death

In 1984, a 27-year-old political prisoner working as a mechanic at the transportation unit, Tongpo Sector, Settlement No.13, stole a guard jeep (plate No. 580131) and succeeded in fleeing to China, leaving the jeep by the riverside. However, he was arrested and repatriated back to North Korea by the Chinese authorities. The settlement supervisor was furious, saying that the incident was a personal insult against Kim Il Sung, the Great Leader.

The prisoner had wire pierced through his nose and large nails hammered through his toes and legs. Then, the other prisoners were forced to stone him to death.

I did not actually witness the execution myself, but it was common knowledge in the settlement because the commanding officers often reminded the prisoners of this execution as a warning. I watched similar public execution when I was student, twice in Hamhung city and once in Chongjin city.