A Child Brutally Beaten for a Minor Offense

One summer, we were assigned to work in a large vegetable field. We spent more time in the field, planting and transplanting vegetables and removing weeds, than in the classroom. We worked all day long in the scorching heat. It was so stressful that the children often complained about the hard work. One day. A child muttered. “I wish flood would wash away all the vegetables here some day.” A security officer heard this and asked us. “Who said that? Come forward!”

Nobody came forward and all the children continued pulling weeds. In fact, everybody felt the same way at that time.

“All of you come here. I will punish you collectively until the criminal comes forward.” No one came forward.

“I will show you a lesson,” he said as he started beat us with hid stick one by one. ‘

Still nobody came forward. He continued to kick, punch and beat us violently. Finally, one child pointed to another child and said.

“Sir! That’s him!”

The teacher was pleased.

“You should have told me earlier.”

He dragged the child away. The child was never seen again. Later, we were told that the child was so severely beaten with such heavy blows to his head that he became permanently crippled and insane.

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