17 Kim Jong Il’s Private Villas Detected Via Satellite

[imText2]On the 9th, the Committee for Democratization of North Korea released some satellite pictures of Kim Jong Il’s private villas in North Korea. The committee is a newly founded organization which unites all defectors based groups and was officially established on the 10th.

Former secretary to the North Korean Workers’ Party, Hwang Jang Yop has taken the role of preparatory chairman and inaugurated officially the committee at the press centre on the 10th. The remaining satellite pictures of Dictator Kim’s 17 personal villas were also released at the official ceremony.

[imText1]The photos were discovered on Google’s software, “Google Earth.” A defector once a manager of Kim Jong Il’s private bodyguards, analyzed the photo in detail.

An affiliate of the committee said, “Kim Jong Il’s villas are located with the highest security and are rarely publicly known. We were able to detect the location of the villas with the aid of a defector, once a bodyguard who informed us of the building layout and ground facilities.”

According to the information released by the committee, the majority of Kim Jong Il’s personal villas are located in Pyongan and Hamkyung province. In the vicinity of Pyongyang, there is Hyangmok villa in Kangdong district, Bonghwa villa in Pyongyang city and Samsuk villa in Songmoon-ri. Chilbo Mountain villa and Kwanmo villa in Hamkyung, Potaebyul villa in Samjiyoen.

Whenever Kim Jong Il conducts military inspections or onsite visits to the country, he works for one or two days, then spends the remaining 5 resting in his villa, say defectors, who were once North Korea’s elite. During these days, Kim Jong Il enjoys his hobbies such as horseback riding, motor boats and hunting. Even when he stays at the villas, Kim Jong Il is known to use a hotline to send and receive documents.

On the same day, it was confirmed that the office located in Pyongyang, Joong-district was found not on the basement level 3 of the Workers’ Party’s but an underground bunker.

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