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North Korea loosens rules on motorcycle ownership registration

The Ministry of People’s Safety (MPS) recently began permitting North Koreans to register ownership of motorcycles under their own names, Daily NK has learned.  While...

Plant and fruit-based alcohol gain popularity

North Korean food and beverage factories have ramped up production of alcoholic beverages using medicinal plants and fruits, Daily NK has learned.  “There’s a wider...

South Korean medical devices favored over the competition

North Koreans are increasingly purchasing South Korean-made household medical devices, despite the fact they can cost up to 10 times more than Chinese-made devices,...

Facing food shortages, North Korea taps rice reserves

Significant quantities of military rice reserves at a storage facility in Daeosichon, Ryanggang Province, are being trucked out and may be heading to the...

Pyongyang factories encourage workplace exemption program

Managers of some Pyongyang-based factories are encouraging their workers to take part in a popular workplace exemption program referred to colloquially as “8.3 Earnings,”...

North Korea Market Prices Update: July 31, 2018

All prices shown in KPW and current as of July 31, 2018. Data: Daily NK

Logistical improvements allow faster shipping of seasonal fruits across the country

Unification Media Group (UMG): Let’s hear this week’s news from North Korea. Today we are joined again by journalist Kang Mi Jin. I think...

Marketization key to North Korea’s future prosperity

The North Korean economy has a number of unusual characteristics. Estimates on the average income level of an ordinary North Korean are a paltry...

North Korea Market Prices Update: July 24, 2018

All prices shown in KPW and current as of July 24, 2018. Data: Daily NK

North Korea Market Prices Update: July 17, 2018

All prices shown in KPW and current as of July 17, 2018. Data: Daily NK

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