Nulear Bomb on the Table of Kim Jong Il?

[imText1]It was known that the Japanese government has referred to the book 「A General Loving Nuke and Women」by Hujimoto Kenji to select luxury goods that it would impose sanction on following the U.N resolution.

Hujimoto had worked as the exclusive cook of Kim Jong Il for 13 years until his defection from N. Korea in 2001. One of his books, 「The Cook of Kim Jong Il」was published in South Korea.

The provision of the U.N resolution requiring the embargo on “luxury goods” is one of the sanctions for giving a serious impact on the high-ranking officials of N. Korea including Kim Jong Il. Because of it, the “luxury goods” include Kim Jong Il’s favorite goods and gifts for his close figures.

Having worked as the exclusive cook for 13 years, Hujimoto had come and gone out of Kim Jong Il’s villa and office, which gave him an opportunity to be able to describe what Kim Jong Il’s favorite dish is and favorite goods are in his book.

The book describes many “cooking ingredients” as luxury goods. Maybe it would be because Kim Jong Il is a great enough epicure to tell the amount of seasonings in a dish.

It was widely known that Kim Jong Il favors the “shark’s fin”. Since the “shark fin” is produced, Hujimoto used to travail to China once or twice a year to purchase the shark fin.

[imText2]Hujimoto purchased fruits such as melons, grapes, durians and papayas from Urumqi], Thailand and Malaysia, beer from Czech, pork from Demark, caviar from Iran and Uzbekistan, longans from Macao and camel hocks from Pakistan.

One day, Kim Jong Il said he would like to eat a cake made of rice flour and artemisia paste so that Hujimoto went on a trip to Japan.

Kim Jong Il enjoyed raw fish dishes such as sushi. When eating the dishes, he always used to say “One more tuna abdominal muscle.” This is why Hujimoto became the exclusive cook of Kim Jong Il.

Such raw fish materials are purchased from Japan. The tuna, Kim Jong Il’s favorite dish, is purchased from Tsukiji Shijo, the biggest aquatic products market of the Tokyo markets. Also, he used to purchase such dried fish as dried cuttlefishs, saury, saural and smelt.

Kim Jong Il usually eats beef and pork that are bred by the government, yet instructed to have to use Matsuzaka beef in Mie for Sukiyaki dish. Matsuzaka beef is most famous even in Japan enough to be called the “art of beef” and is 3,150won per 100g.

It was recently known that chicken from Nagoya, soy sauce from Kikkoman, sponge cakes from Bunmeido, Imperial whiskey from Suntory and Ramyun from Nissin are also Kim Jong Il’s favorite food.

As for whiskey, Kim Jong Il enjoys Johnnie Walker form the U.K and Cognac from Hennessy XO.

[imText3]Beer made in Japan was often served at the table, which were usually “Girin beer” and “Ashahi Beer.”

The luxury goods include electric appliances that Kim Jong Il and his close figures have. Their favorite computers are ones made by NEC and air-conditioners are “Daikin.”

The luxury goods of Kim Jong Il are often used for presents for his close figures. To extend their loyalty to him, he had often offered luxury good to them.

The representative case is the Benz showing 216 on its plate. Hujimoto got a Benz from Kim Jong Il after being appointed as the exclusive cook. Kim Jong Il had paid for Benz cars with gold.

Kim Jong Il also enjoys Honda CB250 motorcycles and Toyota Celsior cars. In every villa of his, a Mazda RX7 is parked.

Rolex watches made in Switzerland, different jewels and perfumes are on the luxury goods list.