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September 30, 2020

New construction underway at major N. Korean parade training ground

A brigade of military engineers has been constructing two roads and ten structures on the military parade training ground near Mirim Airport since at...
anti-socialist punishment

N. Korean soldiers face punishment after breaking quarantine

A group of soldiers who broke quarantine after suffering symptoms similar to that of COVID-19 faced harsh punishment for breaking North Korea’s disease control...
naval command

The story behind the move of North Korea’s Naval Command

This article is part of a series written by Daily NK journalist Kim Jeong Hun entitled "North Korea's Secret Stories."  In the early 2000s, members...

N. Korean military deploys radio featuring “scrambling technology”

The North Korean military is deploying a new radio device to front line military units that boasts "scrambling" technology along with improved transmission and...
corruption graduates

Around 100 top technology university graduates join military

North Korea recently recruited at least 100 of the most capable graduates from the country's top technology-related universities to join the command centers of...
corruption graduates

Kim Jong Un orders military to investigate corruption

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently ordered the military to investigate and punish anyone involved in corruption, including the poor management and stealing...
fifth corps

N. Korean military begins investigation into the Fifth Corps

On Wednesday, a team under North Korea’s Supreme Command launched an investigation into the Fifth Corps of the Korean People’s Army (KPA), Daily NK...
soldiers dmz

Source: N. Korea’s DMZ shooting was accidental

The shooting of live rounds by North Korean soldiers at a South Korean guard post on Sunday was due to a “misfire,” according to...
North Korean soldiers in Saju County, North Pyongan Province arrested probe

N. Korean probe into military uncovers vast levels of corruption

North Korean authorities recently began a large-scale probe into corruption in the military and have found considerable evidence of misconduct, even among some of...

N. Korea readies deployment of new GPS jamming device

North Korea’s military recently completed final tests on a new “GPS jamming device” for use against South Korea and is preparing its deployment into...

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