ASIAPRESS: Anti-Kim Content on the Rise

It has been alleged that members of North Korea’s Unhasu Orchestra, who were recently rumoured to be have been executed for the production and distribution of salacious footage, were in fact executed after watching a South Korean broadcast critical of Kim Jong Eun.

Jiro Ishimaru, the founder of ASIAPRESS, revealed on the 8th, “Information coming out of North Korea indicates that the point of this execution was politics, rather than a sex scandal. One motivating factor was apparently a video about Kim Jong Eun.”

“Right now, crackdowns against ‘impure recordings’ are getting more severe. At the end of October there were consecutive executions by firing squad. This proves that these extreme crackdown are not just about obscene videos or dramas,” Ishimaru went on.

Quoting a source who frequently travels between North Korea and China, Ishimaru explained, “Videos blaspheming the highest dignity of North Korea have been coming out all the time. One recent issue was a soap opera created by KBS that featured both comrade Kim Jong Eun and the General (Kim Jong Il). A cadre from the National Security Agency said that the entertainers from the Unhasu Orchestra may well have met their end because they too viewed a blasphemous video.”

“Another trader said that he had a relative who saw a broadcast related to the Kim clan that had been loaded onto a USB. The trader believed that this particular broadcast was a special that aired on KBS in October 2010, detailing the third generation succession of Kim Jong Eun,” Ishimaru continued.