American Undercover Documentary Airs Domestically for the First Time

[imText1]The documentary, which has caused a stir by vividly capturing the recent image of Pyongyang and citizens who have been brainwashed by propaganda, opened for the first time in South Korea.

The documentary channel National Geographic Channel revealed on the 29th that it will air first in South Korea “Inside North Korea: Children of the Secret State” on the first of next month.

The Special Team of National Geographic, which has its headquarters in Washington, D.C., followed a Nepalese medical team which carried out a humanitarian project in North Korea last March. The team of journalists succeeded in filming while pretending to be part of the doctor’s staff.

In addition to filming live the eye surgery of a North Korean civilian by the Nepalese medical team, the reporting team visited ordinary civilians’ homes and captured their live voices on camera.

Under the pretext of medical research, the disguised reporters visited the home of a blind patient with the approval of the North Korean authorities and succeeded in interviewing a grandmother living on the 6th floor of an apartment located in the center of Pyongyang.
However, six “government minders” observed the filming on-site.

The grandmother’s son-in-law told the foreigners, “My mother-in-law’s biggest suffering is not being able to see the Great General Kim Jong Il.”

This was shocking to the investigative team who asked the mother about her life after losing her sight.

In addition, the camera captured the statues of Kim Il Sung, which were erect in several places, and a bench which was being preserved in a glass case because the “Great Leader Kim Il Sung” had sat on it once in the past.

On the last day of filming, the doctor who operated on a number of patients exceeding the pre-trip goal of 1000, said, “All the operations were optimistic” and took off the bandages of the patients. The patients, without a single exception, pledged “I can see very well,” and added standing before portraits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il hanging in the auditorium, “All of this is due to the Great General.”

[imText4]Han Seung Yup Composition Team Head revealed the intention of the composition as, “I was shocked when seeing the vivid images of North Korean civilians’ destitute lives and the brainwashed civilians’ chilling answers in the reproduction process. We composed this to help properly acknowledge and understand their current plight.”