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December 12, 2019

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North Korean soldiers electricity

N. Korea curbs electricity use in military hospitals

On Nov. 5, North Korean authorities ordered its army to minimize the electricity consumption of military hospitals as well as during its winter training...
nknet seminar

NKnet celebrates its 20th anniversary with NKHR seminar

SEOUL, South Korea -- On December 10, the Seoul-based non-profit organization, the Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights (NKnet), held a seminar...
criminal court poison

Man faces life in prison after spiking relative’s soup with poison

A North Korean man has been sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of murdering the husband of his sister-in-law. The convicted man...
A tractor on a farm in North Korea

Taxes soar in agricultural regions as farming season wraps up

Following the completion of the farming season and annual payments in kind for workers in agricultural regions, North Korean authorities have imposed a number...
Samjiyon work units

Women in Samjiyon’s work units fall victim to sexual assault

Female members of work units mobilized at the construction sites in Samjiyon, Ryanggang Province, have been victim to severe instances of sexual assault, Daily...
kim jong un national defense university

N. Koreans living near prominent university face eviction

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently ordered the designation of Kim Jong Un National Defense University as a “secret base,” sparking evictions of...
kim jong un samjiyon new path

Has North Korea firmly decided to head down a “new path”?

On Monday, festivities on North Korea’s Mount Paektu, a mountain of great spiritual significance for both North and South Koreans, marked the reaching of...
worker wages

Chinese factories raise wages for North Korean workers

Chinese factories have raised wages for North Korean workers, Daily NK has learned. Chinese companies have recently been able to save money by employing...
air force base

Kim Jong Un orders improvements in air force weaponry

After the breakdown in US-North Korean negotiations in Hanoi in February, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the North Korean air force to...
mass gymnastics shows

N. Koreans forced to watch mass gymnastics shows

Starting in early November, North Korean authorities made it mandatory for many North Koreans to attend three mass gymnastics shows, Daily NK has learned. “Starting...