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January 18, 2020

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small businesses

S. Pyongan Province slaps fines on “illegal” small businesses

North Korean authorities in South Pyongan Province have recently begun levying fines on small businesses that they claim have not registered with the government,...
meeting wartime

Kim Jong Un urges wartime readiness after Soleimani killing

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un urged his military to adopt a stance of "wartime readiness" on Jan. 4, following the US assassination of...
experimental fields

N. Korea tackles corruption involving “experimental fields”

North Korean authorities recently instructed farm and agricultural management committees across the country to eradicate “illegal and corrupt activities” involving “experimental fields” located on...
north korea calendar

N. Korea’s 2020 flower calendar omits propaganda flowers

Many North Koreans were surprised to find that a recently published North Korean calendar omitted the images of the Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia, two flowers...
female defectors female migrants

China is tightening control over N. Korean female migrants

Chinese authorities have ordered local security forces in areas bordering North Korea to standardize the investigation and treatment of female North Korean migrants in...
hyesan leaker

Alleged leaker of Kim Jong Un’s whereabouts executed

An alleged leaker of information about Kim Jong Un's visit to Samjiyon last October was executed in Pyongyang in late December, Daily NK has...

N. Koreans criticize government calls for “self-reliance”

Many North Koreans are criticizing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s calls for “self-reliance” at a recent Central Committee plenary session and are expressing...
new year's day

18 N. Koreans attempt mass defection on New Year’s Day

Daily NK sources reported on Jan. 7 that 18 North Koreans were arrested and are currently under investigation for attempting to defect across the...
plenary session talks

N. Korea desires talks with US as a nuclear power

North Korea recently expressed the intent to rescind its “moratorium on inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) launches and nuclear testing” in its report from the...

North Korea Market Prices Update: December 22, 2019

All prices are in KPW and current as of December 22, 2019. Data: Daily NK