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North Korea Is Only Threatening South Korea With Nuclear Testing says Hwang Jang Yop

China unlikely to participate in military sanctions against North Korea
Jeong Jae Sung, Reporter  |  2006-08-30 16:04
[imText1]In regards to North Koreas recent preparations of nuclear tests, Hwang Jang Yop, Chairman of the North Korean Democratization League said North Korea is only trying to threaten South Korea with nuclear testing. The examinations necessary to finalize nuclear testing were already complete around 1994.

In addition, he speculated that Although China will be unable to continuously protect North Korea in the case North Korea persists with nuclear tests it is likely that China will not participate in the military sanctions against North Korea.

At a youth, university meeting on the 29th in Seoul, Chairman Hwang said China is increasingly pressurizing North Korea in fear that the relationship between North Korea and the U.S. will further deteriorate. However, he added Even if North Korea did continue with nuclear testing, military sanctions against North Korea will be difficult.

Furthermore he predicted that (Even if North Korea continued with nuclear testing) It will be difficult for the U.S. and Japan to implement military sanctions on North Korea and pointed out that Military sanctions to enforce change in North Korea will not be effective.

Chairman Hwang said The time North Korea breaks an alliance with China will be when North Korea's military can be provoked. However, Kim Jong Ils lifeline is the military and thus it is unlikely that the alliance with China will be broken.

In regards to change in North Korea, he asserted Rather than pursuing the issue of nuclear weapons, focusing on the defector issue would be inducing real change. Kim Jong Il should be ignored even if he persists with nuclear tests and physical pressure like military sanctions should be avoided.
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