Kim Caught Fiddling as Rome Burns

Choi Song Min  |  2012-08-06 17:45
[imText1]Ri Sol Joo has caught the attention of the international community with her shows of public affection for husband Kim Jong Eun but, contrary to the aim, this is eliciting a negative response from some sections of the North Korean public.

A source from Hyesan in Yangkang Province told Daily NK today, Recently, a documentary film Marshal Kim Jong Euns Guidance in All Areas of the Peoples Economy has been on Chosun Central TV every day. The film shows scenes praising Kim Jong Euns achievements over the past six months, and in showing the Moran Hill Orchestra performance and Rungra Peoples Resort opening it includes footage of him and his wife.

However, The nations people are suffering and dying due to the severe drought in May and recent rainy season floods, but the supreme leader is playing childishly at an amusement park, arm in arm with some woman or other. The people find it pretty wrong.

She continued, Things are really tough, and people deplore the way we are meant to trust some little guy whose actions are so unfit for a leader.

At the same time, the appearance of Ri Sol Joo, who has no relation to the tasks of the Party whatsoever, is creating further negativity, a second source added.

The Chongjin-based source explained, In the past when Kim Il Sungs wife Kim Sung Ae accompanied him on his guidance visits, the people considered it natural because she was the Vice-chair of the Union of Democratic Women, but Ri Sol Joo is just his woman.

The source added, however, Kim Jong Euns behavior does not fit the reality for the people. It is like dancing happily at a funeral.
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